Gite or B&B?


Running a couple of gites (holiday lets) or running a Bed & Breakfast are quite different operations. It is wise to be clear from the outset which direction you want to take.


Buying a gîte in France


Potential buyers should ask themselves a lot more questions than if they were just buying a holiday home in France.


* Do I want to make a living out of gîte rental?
* Is my move to France dependent on rental income from a gîte?
* Will I be keeping my job in my home country and commuting?
* Is my idea rather to have a holiday home that I can rent out in the off-season to cover costs?
* Do I have an area, a region or even a village in mind?
* Am I looking for finished gîtes or big rambling places with lots of potential for gîte development?
* Am I a handywoman or will I have to buy in repair & maintenance services?
* Is my French up to living in France and running a business?
* Would I not be better off in Spain, Portugal or Bulgaria?

Running a gite entails a lot of preparatory work pre-season, intensive weekend work throughout the season and then a period of general fixing and repairing after the season.

Whatever the answers to these and countless other questions you may have mulled over, we at GITES FOR SALE FRANCE are ready to share your thoughts and help you to narrow down your search requirements.

Once you have spoken to one of our team then we accompany you buying a gite at every step with advice, translations, interpreting … right up to closing at the notaire’s office. And even beyond.. helping with finding the right artisans for refurbishment, asking the EDF to link you up, finding a broadband supplier…

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